Hiring Up

Friday, November 20th, 2020 by Jakub Mochon

I received a call the other day from a woman who heard great things about my employees and our business. Some folks recommended her, and we spoke for at least seven minutes about the great things she heard about our team. Moments like this made me realize that hiring up when starting a business makes sense. This is exactly what I had done, and I felt really good about it.

When starting a business, people that work for you play an important part. In the past I hired employees for companies but hiring for my own business has been so much different. I am not saying I did not care about who I hired for my previous employers because I did. There is just a huge difference when hiring someone to represent your own business, everything becomes more emotional and difficult.

When I hire someone, I am never hiring for the job I am hiring in, but for the future jobs of these people, just like this article talks about https://www.recruiting.com/blog/how-to-hire-for-the-future-not-just-fill-positions/  I hire up. This means potentially paying more for employees, but then I have an employee who will better represent my company and who can grow with my company. I was not looking for just my first lugger or just my first driver, but someone who could grow and who cared about the Junkluggers.  

That is how I found Peter, someone who I already knew. Peter has a strong work ethic and he wanted to learn and be a part of something new. Plus, he is over twenty-one years old, so he met the driver requirements. Though what really mattered was that in the future I could see Peter managing operations. Peter has the potential to do so and he cares about what the Junkluggers are doing for customers and people in the community.

After I found Peter, I began looking for a navigator. I told Peter that we are not just looking for a navigator but someone who could be our next driver. I saw the future and the future meant a second Junkluggers’ truck for our franchise. I wanted my navigator to be able to grow into a driver. All my employees should have the potential to grow. That is how I found Jeffrey, someone who was willing to put in work and grow with my company. (Spoiler, Jeffery is a driver now!)

I bet as your reading this you are probably thinking “okay, but what qualities do these employees have besides being able to grow and see future business goals?” Well, they have the most important quality in my book – they care. I do not want someone working for me who does not care. There are many people out there who do not care about what they are doing, no matter their job. These people do not care about anything but clocking in and out and getting paid. That is not what the Junkluggers are here for, that is not what I hire or want to hire for.

The Junkluggers care about how customers and the community perceive us. We care about building relationships with them. We care about getting that phone call from someone who heard great things about us. When I look for an employee, I look for the one who asks questions about anything because that shows they care! After three months we were able to wave our fees at our disposal center. Why? Because Peter and Jeffrey were professional, polite, and treated people with care and respect! They made conversations with the people working there. If I hired just any lugger, navigator, or driver, they would not care about holding a conversation with the guy who scoops stuff off our truck.

The Junkluggers are here to build relationships with people. We care about our customers and we grow with that philosophy of hiring someone who can be more than what we are hiring for today. That is ultimately how I will grow this business, by having people that are going beyond what they are supposed to be.

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