The Beginning

Friday, November 20th, 2020 by Jakub Mochon

It began with a desire to own a business and some banter of opening a car wash with my coworker, but during that time owning a business was just a dream. After years of getting caught up with the casualties of life, I finally decided to take the leap and it’s now a reality... 

I’ve always dreamt of owning a business. I accomplished a variety of studies including, a BS in Marketing, an MBA in finance and an MPH in Health Policy. Once I graduated, I eventually began a job at Siemens in Malvern. While I enjoyed my career and worked in many positions at Siemens for twenty years, I am the type of guy to get bored quickly. Like really bored. My coworker and I would joke about opening a car wash in the future. As fun as that would’ve been, it was not practical at the time. I felt like my dream to own a business went on the back burner. I wanted to allow my wife to finish out her training and then we had four children. Life got ahead of me. 

I was constantly traveling for my job. Constantly! I felt like I was not around for my family as much as I wanted to be. I didn’t want to miss opportunities to see the small and big accomplishments in my children’s lives. We all knew that where I was, was not my dream. I wanted to be at home with my family and run a business of my own. The desire to own a business never left my mind. I refused to be the man who would grow old and have regrets of not following my dreams. I desired to do something profitable, something fun, something steady and ultimately something that would help the world, but I was nervous making such a dramatic career change. I read articles from time to time and found that 49% of people made a dramatic career switch. I was not the only one desiring this. This article made me excited and helped me want to take the leap even more.  https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/31/indeed-nearly-half-of-workers-have-made-a-dramatic-career-switch.html#:~:text=At%20least%2C%20that%20seems%20to,order%20to%20completely%20change%20industries.&text=This%20could%20indicate%20that%20workers,reach%20a%20mid%2Dcareer%20point

When I began looking for business opportunities, I thought I could start something up on my own or buy an existing business or franchise. I began to look at franchises like a sandwich shop that I really liked! I thought that would be awesome, but I realized restaurants and fast food would be too difficult and too much of a risk. I wanted to be smart and not risky in my investment. I also knew I wouldn’t be helping others in the way that I wanted to. Therefore, I excluded the food industry from my potential list of businesses. I wanted my business to be simple and something that would not be super resistant to economy changes (this became a good thing — Covid-19). I dabbled between two businesses that would help people and realized that the Junkluggers was a business that I could feel good in and do well in. 

I really admired the mission of the Junkluggers and that I could help others. It’s a business that has a future with the world. I found interest in diverting junk from landfills, donating items and recycling. This was something I knew I could show my children and be proud of. Nothing seemed better than this and I knew the Junkluggers was where my future lied. I took the leap, left my career at Siemens behind and started the franchise for the Junkluggers in Berks, Chester, and Lancaster Counties. This is only the beginning of the story… 


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